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      Arkansans hoping to hit the $400 million Powerball jackpot

      LITTLE ROCK (KATV)--It's the6th largest jackpot in U.S. lottery history! Yes,we're talking about tonight's Powerball. This Powerball drawing carries an estimated $400 million.

      If noone matches all the numbers, that jackpot will continue to grow until the nextdrawing on Saturday.

      Itwas a busy day at the Shell on Broadway Street in Little Rock, many buying uptickets hoping to be a winner.

      Eachdrawing without a winner rolls the jackpot over, and this current jackpot hasbeen climbing since the end of 2013. That meansit's rolled over more than a dozen times without a top prize winner, but that'snot stopping Arkansans from making big plans hoping to be the next winner.

      "I'll vacation with my kids, and um I don'tknow, maybe go fishing," said Powerball player Terry Anderson.

      "Goto Disney World Nooo... buy everybody in my family a house, buy them a carmake sure they're doing ok for a little bit, give the rest to charity," addedPowerball player Jesus Munoz.

      "Iplay the same numbers every week," said Powerball player Greg Short, and hasShort won before? {}"Ahh little bit, 10bucks here 12 bucks here 15 but ... tonight's my lucky night," added Short.