Arkansans React to Government Shut Down


Arkansas politicians were blaming both sides of the aisle today for the federal government shut down.

Arkansas Congressman Tom Cotton said in a statement, "Ivoted to keep our government fully funded, while also repealing Congress'sspecial exemption from Obamacare. Now, the Democratic Senate has a simplechoice: keep the government open or keep their special Obamacare exemption." Senator Mark Pryor, who will be defending his seat against Cotton in 2014 called the federal government shut down, "Cotton's Shutdown" in a press release.

We asked for your reaction to the shut down today on our KATV Channel 7 News Facebook page and received more than 600 comments.

Darren-Sheila Wilkins said, "They don't seem to care about the people who put them in office. If they did, they would work together to find a workable solution. If they didn't get paid during the shutdown, they might think and work differently."

Lavan Lawson said, "When the next election time comes, I will not vote for anyone that is already in there."

Carla Dean told Channel 7 News that she believes lawmakers should not get paid until everything has been resolved.

The Arkansas Libertarian Party said they believe the government shut down will prove that the government does not need to be as largely operated.

"I think there's a certain amount people will realize we don't need the amount of government we currently have. government shouldn't be something that affects us in our daily lives," said Debbie Standiford the chair of the Pulaski County Libertarian Party said.

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