Arkansans receive gift of mobility thanks to charity


A world-wide charity is helping more than two dozen Arkansans walk again.The free surgeries took place at St. Vincent Infirmary Medical Center Saturday for patients who don't have insurance and can't afford the procedures.Medical professionals volunteer their time, hospitals offer up operating space and manufacturers donate the equipment.{}"I felt like I hit the lottery," explained Martha Watson-Wallace, one of the patients. "I couldn't have been any luckier if I had hit the lottery because this had to be done. And it turned my life completely around."Watson-Wallace said she's been in pain for months."Now it's my time to enjoy my life for myself whether it be traveling or mopping floors, just to be able to do something," Watson-Wallace said. "There's just not words adequate enough to say how impressed I am with everything about the surgery and the hospital and the people who do it."Dr. Lowery Barnes has been working with St. Vincent to provide the free hip and knee replacements for three years."We feel very fortunate to be able to give back to Arkansans because we think charity should start at home," Barnes said.The free surgeries were made possible by Operation Walk USA.