Arkansans waste no time preparing for next round of winter weather

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - It wasn't until noon on Sunday that Arkansas Highway workers finally caught a break, but the break didn't last for long.{} Crews were back to work Sunday night, prepping for the next round of winter weather.

"They've been rolling since 6:00 PM on Friday night and in some cases a little longer than that," said Danny Straessle, spokesperson for Arkansas State Highway & Transportation Department.

Some crews are hitting the road Sunday just to treat spots still giving drivers trouble from the weekend.

"We will have a crew out tonight looking for trouble spots, slick spots incase freezing fog presents itself again.

But Straessle said many will also be getting a head start on pre-treating central Arkansas interstates and major arteries.{} Straessle said AHTD isn't taking this storm lightly and he hopes Arkansans will do the same.

"Friday night we saw a rush hour after the normal rush hour," said Straessle.{} "Folks were out having a good time, doing their usual Friday night activities.{} The snow was falling, it was pretty but a lot of people got caught out in it."

Folks like Jimmy Hinton don't plan on getting caught this time around.{} He spent part of his Sunday night at Edward's Food Giant downtown, picking up groceries for the week in addition to some of the "essentials" in case of the worst.

"Anytime in Arkansas or Little Rock when you hear a snow storm, you know it's priority that people come and spend a hundred, two hundred in preparation," said Hinton.

Pat McCoy said she too was picking up her milk and bread in addition to her normal groceries just to make sure she has enough in case she can't get out.{} And even though McCoy is joining the crowd of people prepping for the worst, she isn't convinced about what forecasters say central Arkansas is expecting.

"I'll believe it when I see it," said McCoy.

McCoy isn't alone.{} It's why most school districts haven't made decisions prior to Monday, waiting to see when the storm will track into the area.{}