Arkansas AG: There are still harmful chemicals in the air

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - Arkansas' attorney general spoke out about the Mayflower oil spill Tuesday, saying there are still harmful chemicals in the air

It was a short meeting but in the few minutes Attorney General Dustin McDaniel spoke, he emphasized several points - one of them being that Mayflower residents are still being impacted by this spill and Exxon needs to acknowledge that.

McDaniel visited the site just last week and spoke to dozens of residents in both the North Woods subdivision and the cove. He said that in addition to the inconvenience that the oil spill clean up is causing, there is still a very real concern that will remain even when crews have left. He said tests reveal that, contrary to what other federal agencies and Exxon have said, there are still harmful chemicals in the air from the oil and what some residents have been feeling is also proof of that.

"I heard time and time again about their concerns for their health, especially their children," McDaniel said.{}"Many continue to suffer from headaches and nausea and air sampling continues to show that the carcinogen benzene remains in the air."

He said he remains concerned for the health of residents near the spill.

"I have a real concern about the long and short term affects of carcinogens released into the air which are still detectable in the living rooms of people in that area," said McDaniel.