Arkansas Angler Casting in Court

An Arkansas fisherman is jumping into unfamiliar waters.

Rodney Ply of Diamond City has filed a lawsuit against the International Game Fish Association.

Ply...a self-described average guy, Army veteran and not a professional fisherman...says he had no choice.

The 41 year-old angler has more than pride riding on this lawsuit.

If he can get the striped bass he pulled out of Bull Shoals Lake certified as a world record, it could put a million dollars in his pocket.

On February 18th, 2012...Ply caught a massive 68 pound striped bass.

The International Game Fish Association has certified the scale that weighed it, examined the pictures taken right after the catch...and would probably certify it as a world record were it not for one thing.

Rodney was using a homemade lure...very similar in design to what fishermen call Alabama rigs or umbrella lures.

You can find video on You Tube of a different umbrella will see they operate underwater and create the illusion of a school of fish...something very attractive to larger, hungry fish.

But the IGFA examined the lure and classified it instead as similar to a spreader bar. These lures are usually much larger and trail behind a boat on the surface, again simulating a school of fish.

In his lawsuit, Ply accuses the IGFA of "...classifying the lure Plaintiff used as an illegal spreader bar."

It argues that "The lure Plaintiff used to catch the fish cannot reasonably or in good faith be classified as a spreader bar."

If his lawsuit is successful and the fish is recognized as a world record, it could mean big bucks.

Prior to making the catch Ply used Mustad Hooks to make his lure.

Then he entered a contest sponsored by Mustad Hooks. Catch a world record fish on a Mustad a million dollars.

He used the hook, he caught the fish, he wants the money.

Mustad Hooks is not named in the lawsuit.

The IGFA has 20 days to file a response and so far is not commenting on Ply's lawsuit.

Air date: July 31st. 2013