College course facility gives high schoolers big advantage

Arkansas Baptist High School opened a college course facility for their students on Thursday.

The University Center at Arkansas Baptist will allow students to take both advanced placement and concurrent credit courses to allow them to enter college as sophomores.

Concurrent credit classes are college courses offered by an accredited university to high school students. John Brown University and Southwest Baptist University are among the universities partnering with the high school.

Principal Randy Goldsmith has been with Arkansas Baptist for ten years. Goldsmith said this is taking the curriculum a step further.

"We're starting the 4th year we actually offer these classes. It's just the first year we've brought it into one environment and are trying to create a more college like setting," Goldsmith said. "They do have to have a certain ACT score, a certain GPA. All of those requirements. So not every student can just walk in and take one of these classes."

Megan Garrett, a junior at Arkansas Baptist, said she would like to take as many as she can manage.

'I am hoping around 15 to 20 would be a great start," Garrett said. "There's more responsibility on you as an individual to keep up with yourself and your work. It's not like you have your teachers paying attention to you and doing those things. There's a lot more on you and I like that."

Arkansas Baptist students save $138 per credit hour for every class they take at the University Center rather than at a four-year university.