Arkansas couple's shark encounter caught on video

(KATV)-A viral video seen by more than 2 million people on YouTube, features a couple from Arkansas and their close encounter with a 10-foot Hammerhead shark. Scott and Tina Salmela of Saline County said they didn't realize they were in the water with a shark. "I turned around and saw the tail fin and that's when I started high stepping," Scott Salmela said. "It happened so fast, just wow. And to see the video and see from that angle how close it was, I was like oh I should have been more scared," The Salmelas said they had no idea their encounter was seen all over the world until a friend shared a post on Facebook and then they saw it Monday on World News Tonight. The couple says the faintly heard the group yelling from the 15th floor, but thought they were joking. "I heard someone say "shark" in a low voice, but I thought it was a prank and they just wanted to see me run in the water, so i just kind of shrugged it off," Salmela said. The couple said although it was adrenaline pumping, they got right back into water and the rest of their vacation was kind of boring after their encounter.