Arkansas' First "Low T" Clinic Open in West Little Rock

You've probably heard of Low T. It's become popular vernacular in American society. The clinical diagnosis is hypogonadism; a disease in which a man's body is unable to produce normal amounts of testosterone. It usually occurs as a man gets older, and it's unleashed an explosion of treatments. That explosion has reached Arkansas, where a first of its kind clinic has opened, dedicated exclusively to treating low testosterone.

"We're the only clinic that's specifically dedicated to testosterone therapy in men's health in this vain," said Clinic Director Mike Whitfield.

Open just 7 weeks, off Rodney Parham Road, in a West Little Rock shopping center, the Epoch Health Clinic is in the business of doing just one thing; giving men who are low on testosterone, weekly injections, that they say can be life-changing.

Chief Physician Jeremy Warford says, "If you have Low T, you can function. You can live certainly. But, you're definitely not operating at an optimum level. You don't have energy. You start putting on fat. You start losing muscle mass. Your bone density goes down. You're not able to think clearly. You can't concentrate. Basically, everything that's key to male performance goes down."

That decline is a natural process. But, in some men, the decline happens faster. That was the case for 50-year-old David Knudson. He said, "feel like i'm moving in mud. Just tired. Just don't feel good. I'd be irritable. I'd have the desire to do the things i used to do, but, physically i didn't feel like i could do it."

David had quit going to the gym, gained a lot of weight, and says he had a hard time getting through the day. He tried supplements, changed his diet, and he says nothing worked, until he heard about the Epoch Health Clinic on the radio.

"It's just been incredible the difference I've felt. I feel sharp. My mind is back. I don't have that fog,. Foggy feeling. I don't feel like i'm stuck in mud. I don't feel like I can't get off the couch. The quality of life, is just like night and day," Knudson said.

Whitfield says a simple blood test can determine if you have Low T. The clinic offers only injections. No gels or creams, which Whitfield says provide an uneven level of testosterone, and can be transferred to your wife or kids. They will not treat you if you don't take that test..

"This is a real medical clinic. And if you don't qualify for medical treatment, we simply don't treat you," Whitfield explained.

David Knudson has been treated for six weeks now, and says, "I actually look forward to come and getting my shot. I really do. I'm not just saying that. I really do. Cause it makes me feel better. I get something that's enhancing my life. At the same time, it's not a hassle to do."

Whitfield adds, "It's not a catch all. It's not a cure all. It's not a fountain of youth. But it is essentially, stopping the effects of aging, and kind of keeping you, as far as testosterone is concerned, at an optimized level."

Whitfield also says the treatment is fully covered by insurance as medical therapy. There are risks associated with testosterone therapy. For possible side effects, you should talk to your doctor.