Arkansas Judge calls Ferguson police "incompetent"

As tensions between police and protesters continue to rise in Ferguson, Mo., a judge in Arkansas weighed in on social media calling out the Ferguson Police Department.{}

Circuit Court Judge Wendell Griffen was vocal about the issue on his Facebook page. He specifically calling the police "culturally incompetent."

"Cultural competence is simply the ability and the knowledge to effectively handle cross cultural events, situations and experiences in ways that produce desirable and positive outcomes" Griffen said.

Outlets across the nation have also been talking about the police militarization happening in Ferguson. Griffen said officials need to gain the public's trust.

"If you bring a tank...automatic weapons and expect the neighbors to trust don't know anything about community relations," Griffen said. "It requires nothing but human decency. It produces positive results."

Griffen added, "What has been lacking has been people from the wider community who hold power understanding how to deal with cross cultural relationships. "

According to David Sachar, the executive director of the Judicial Discipline and Disability Commission, judges are still protected by the first amendment but they have to be careful of the content they post.

"The more a judge talks or comments the more likely those words can be used in their court to disqualify the judge," said Sachar. "It's possible that lawyers can use those comments to try to disqualify the judge in a similar case."

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