AR man finds 6.19 carat diamond at Crater of Diamonds State Park

      A Murfreesboro man, who moved to the town because he loves to hunt diamonds, has found a 6.19 carat diamond at Crater of Diamonds State Park.

      David Anderson hunts regularly for diamonds, and yesterday after looking for about four hours...Anderson found a 6.19-carat white diamond in the East Drain area of the search field. He says it's the largest of the hundreds of diamonds he's found there.

      Anderson named his clear, white marquise-shape diamond the Limitless Diamond after the 2014 motto for the charitable organization Speed the Light. He plans to donate proceeds from the sale of this diamond to Speed the Light.

      According to Park Interpreter Waymon Cox, "The Limitless Diamond" is about the size of a jelly bean, and it's the 15th-largest diamond found at Crater of Diamonds State Park since 1972.