Arkansas only game hits markets on Monday

Starting Monday, there's a new way to win bigwith the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery. The Natural State Jackpot game was planned in response to player request--with dozens of calls toLottery headquarters asking for a lotto-style game exclusive to Arkansasplayers.

Lottery officials estimate theaverage jackpot will be more than $150,000.

Here'show it works: Natural State Jackpottickets cost $1. Players pick (or havethe computer pick for them) five numbers between 1 and 39. At 8 p.m. every night except Sunday, asecure random drawing, supervised by auditors, is held at Lottery Headquartersto choose the five winning numbers. Thejackpot kicks off at $25,000, increasing by $5000 every night until there is awinner. Then, the jackpot resets to$25,000, and the game goes on.

TheNatural State Jackpot also has lower-tier prizes. Four matching numbers pay $300, three at $7and if you get two numbers right, you get you $1 purchase price returned. If more than one player matches the jackpotnumbers, the jackpot is divided evenly between them. As with other games, the retailer selling thewinning jackpot ticket will receive a selling bonus of 1% of the prize.

Forthose who play Powerball or Mega Millions, with odds of 1/176,000,000, theNatural State Jackpot is very similar but with much better odds of only1/575,757.