Arkansas Red Cross Volunteers Deployed to Colorado Flood

Three Red Cross volunteers from Arkansas have been deployed to help with the devastating floods in Colorado. All three of the volunteers are mental health professionals.

More than 7,000 people have been evacuated from their homes.

"I'll tell you, the three mental health workers we have going out today, in addition to the others that go out, give a big reason for Arkansas to be proud. We have responders who are trained prior to disasters who are ready to go out and they understand it's at a moment's notice they may need to go out," said Bridgette Williams, spokesperson for the Arkansas Red Cross.

Mollie Mills, a volunteer who left Arkansas today for Colorado told KATV she was prepared to deal with the flood because of the May flood in Scott County, which killed three people.

"Well I've been watching this on TV as well. And I had worked the floods in Scott County earlier this year, so I've seen firsthand what flooding can do. It is a powerful disaster," Mills said.

Supply trucks and other volunteers are on standby to assist if needed. For those looking to donate to the Red Cross, go to and visit to locate family and friends in Colorado.