Rep. Tom Cotton invites Sen. Mark Pryor to series of one-on-one debates

Arkansas Rep. Tom Cotton has invited Sen. Mark Pryor to a series of five one-on-one debates.

In a press conference held Sunday afternoon, the U.S. Senate candidate told a room of reporters why he chose the Lincoln-Douglas debate style. The simple style of debate will not include any reporters, panelist or moderators. For this debate, Cotton hopes to have just his incumbent opponent Sen. Pryor and a time keeper.

"That's the kind of debate that Arkansans deserve," Cotton said. "I'm ready to have that debate with Sen. Pryor."

Even though the debate is more than six months away, Cotton decided to issue the invitation now to work though any scheduling conflicts.

KATV reached out to Pryor right after Cotton's press conference for a response. That response came at 4:00 p.m. Sunday afternoon agreeing to a debate with Cotton, but didn't directly address the Lincoln-Douglas style.

Eric Dorey, a spokesperson for Pryor's campaign released a statement saying, "Mark looks forward to debating Congressman Cotton at the appropriate time and in a format where voters statewide can finally hear Mr. Cotton's explanation for recklessly voting to turn Medicare over to insurance companies, cut benefits and raise the age to 70 for Social Security and Medicare."