Arkansas Scholarship Lottery scam warning

The Arkansas Scholarship Lottery is warning the public of a scam.

Officials says they've received several reports of someone claiming to represent the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery calling residents and informing them that they have won lottery prizes.

The scammer will often know the victim's home address, and will often instruct the resident to go to a local store to purchase a pre-paid card called Green Dot MoneyPak to use to pre-pay taxes owed on the prize.

Officials say scammers also provide a toll-free number that, when called, mimics the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery phone message.

The Arkansas Scholarship Lottery wants to remind everyone the lottery never requires the payment of any money in order to claim a prize.

The Arkansas Scholarship Lottery typically does not call people to tell them that they've won, except in contests that the person has intentionally entered.

It's also important to never provide any personal or financial information to someone over the phone unless you initiate the call or are certain the caller is legitimate, especially social security numbers, bank account numbers, and credit card numbers.

The Arkansas Scholarship Lottery has notified the Consumer Protection Division of the Arkansas Attorney General's Office of this scam.