Arkansas State breaks ground on campus in Mexico

JONESBORO, Ark. (AP) - Arkansas State University has broken ground on its new campus in Mexico.

More than 2,000 leaders in government, education and business gathered this week in Queretaro (keh-REH'-tah-roh), where Arkansas State plans to open a campus by fall 2015.

Officials say it's the first American-style university campus in Mexico. The campus will incorporate the Arkansas State logo and brand, as well as the university's curriculum. Classes will be taught in English.

The Association for the Advancement of Mexican Education, which is a private business foundation, has acquired about 2,000 acres for a development that includes the Arkansas State campus in Queretaro. The $50 million campus will be paid for through private gifts, with the private foundation underwriting any operating deficits for up to three years after the campus opens.

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