Arkansas State employees accidentally get paid early

(KATV) LITTLE ROCK - The biweekly payroll for Arkansas State Employees processed two days early this week.{} Kay Terry is the State Personnel Administrator with the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration. She says, "We realized it happened when people were accessing their bank accounts Wednesday and saw deposits arrived early."

Employees are normally paid on Friday of the payroll week but their direct deposits were made on Wednesday this week.{} Terry says, "We cannot figure out what triggered this at this time. It is a very complicated system and this is a first time occurrence for us. We are going back to look through all the files and all the interfaces to see what really created the error."

Employees should treat this as a normal payday and may access the money in their bank.{} There will not be another payroll deposit for this pay period.

Terry says the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration never considered taking the money back. "It was a no-brainer because to try and take money back from approximately 30,000 employees would almost be an impossible task."

It was the normal payroll deposit the employees would have received this coming Friday. Terry explains it likely wasn't an inconvenience for employees, "But it has been a hassle for some agency managers."

Employees' next payday will be February 7, 2014. {}{}