Arkansas Elections Third Quarter Fundraising Deadline Today

Fundraising and campaign expenditures for Arkansas elections in the third quarter were filed today, revealing some surprising numbers in the Arkansas gubernatorial election.

Democrat Mike Ross out raised Republican Asa Hutchinson by almost double. Hutchinson brought in $393,180.93 in the third quarter, while Ross pulled in $1.12 million.

"I think the fact that in just six short months, or really in 5 and a half months raised more than 3 million dollars, I think demonstrates we've got a lot of support from people all over the state and I think we're going to be ready to run the best organized grass roots campaign that Arkansas has ever seen next year," Mike Ross told Channel 7 News.

The Arkansas Democratic Party told Channel 7 News that the weak fundraising from Hutchinson should bring to question if enthusiasm is lacking for Hutchinson, who ran for governor in 2006.

Hutchinson's campaign manager, Jon Gilmore said to look at the most recent poll.

"Weexpect the Democratic Party to attack Asa Hutchinson as he is beating Mike Rossin every public poll including one released just yesterday. Furthermore, we areengaged in a primary while Mike Ross has no primary challenger," Gilmore said in a statement.

In a Talk Business-Hendrix College Poll released yesterday, Hutchinson lead Ross by 4 points, 41 to 37 percent, with 22 percent still undecided.

Hutchinson's cash on hand is at $1 million, but that also includes $62,000 loan to his campaign last month. Ross's cash on hand is $2.396 million dollars.

Hutchinson is also facing two others in the primary, Debra Hobbs, who brought in $4,705 and Curtis Coleman, who brought in $70,657.

In the already heated senate race, Republican Congressman Tom Cotton, who is challenging Mark Pryor for Senate raised $1.069 million dollars, while Democratic Senator Mark Pryor raised $1.067 million. Though this quarter fundraising is toe to toe, their cash on hand varies, with Pryor having $4.4 million compared to Cotton's $1.8 million.

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