Arrest made, but investigation ongoing in triple murder

ARKADELPHIA (KATV) - Its been a terrifying few days for people in Arkadelphia after a triple murder of a man and his two young step-children.

Riakos Lizana, 19, is behind bars facing charges of capital murder for the stabbing deaths of Bobby Jean "Chino" Galbraith, and his four and six-year-old step-children.

Police relayed Sunday that the investigation is far from over.

An out of county squad car remains parked around the clock, outside the home on South 11th Street that witnessed three startling murders.

"I didn't, you know really know them, but watching them outside play in the yard, you just keep getting this image in your head," said next door neighbor Latasha Bullock. "You're like four and six-years-old and they had to lose their life?"

It wasn't until Sunday that Bullock decided to return home, and spend the night after a three-day absence with an unknown killer on the loose.

"I actually went home and went in. I could hear some of the people next door. I told my mom I was going to get some of my stuff and stay with her, and I've been staying there ever since then," she said.

Police still aren't giving additional information on the arrest or even a motive. Bullock and another neighbor said Lizana was arrested at Walnut Square Apartments, just about a mile from the crime scene

"After I realized that they made an arrest it was a little bit, it took a little ease off my mind, and this has been the first time I came back to my house," Bullock said.

Investigators and Arkansas State Police remain very tight-lipped about this case, and they are not allowing anyone inside the home.

It's unclear whether or not some additional arrests could be coming as the investigation continues.