Arrest warrants issued for Hot Springs attorney and brother in 2012 shooting death

HOT SPRINGS (KATV) - Arrestwarrants have been issued in a two-year old murder case.{} Saline County was appointed specialprosecutor in the case, and they now believe they have enough evidence tocharge former Hot Springs attorney Andrea Davis and her brother Matthew Daviswith manslaughter in the shooting death of Maxwell Anderson.

"My family has gone tohell and back throughout those two years," said Tara Lukach, Anderson's sister.

Lukach said it's thebeginning of closure for the family knowing the two people of interest allalong are finally being charged.{} Shesaid she's disappointed that the charges the two face are only manslaughter.

"It's a little dishearteningto see manslaughter rather than murder 1 or even murder 2," said Lukach in a phoneinterview.{} "However we realize that theprosecution only has what they have to work with in order to file thecharges."

The arrest affidavitrecounts the day Anderson was killed.{} OnFebruary 29, 2012, Garland County Sheriff's deputies responded to the home ofAndrea Davis in reference to a shooting.{}Upon arrival officers discovered the body of Anderson face down in apool of blood in Davis' driveway, the apparent victim of a single gunshot woundto the chest.

When interviewed by policeon the day of the shooting, both Andrea Davis and Matthew Davis recounted astory of giving Anderson, "$1,200 in advance to purchase and install securitycameras at Matt's residence."{} ApparentlyAnderson never returned with the equipment and a back and forth argument ensuedvia cell phone conversation and text message.

The story Andrea Daviscontinued to tell was that she instructed Anderson to come to her house.{} She confronted him when he arrived andallegedly got into a verbal altercation which she said turned violent whenAnderson allegedly, "picked up a golf club that was in the room and struck herthree or four times on the inside of her left arm."{} Matt supposedly told Andi to go outside andshe heard a gunshot from inside the home.{}She said that Matt had said, "Maxx just came at him."

When sheriff's deputiesinterviewed Matt, he also had a similar story but many of the details differedfrom the account Andi had given them.{}

The autopsy conducted onAnderson's body showed he died of that single gunshot wound to the chest atclose range, but there were two abrasions on Anderson's left cheek.{} The two abrasions showed blood trails leadingdownward toward the pavement - both of which "were not explained by Andi orMatt and would appear to indicate other signs of trouble," according theaffidavit.

"He wasn't mauled by adog, it was not accidental," said Lukach.{}"They weren't cleaning guns, or out target shooting - you know it wasdefinitely not an accident."

The affidavit continues tosay, "Based on text messages between Andi and Maxx, retrieved from their cellphones during forensic examinations, investigators believe Maxx's death was theresult of a drug transaction gone bad."

One of the texts from Davisto Anderson, mentioned in the affidavit, read, "Can you do that deal we talkedabout regarding the 1200 turkey.{} What hedo if we got two ounces of gravy? 2400? Or deal? Jew em down.{} We wanna talk to u bout some s***."

Investigators believe that$1,200 for security cameras was actually for methamphetamine.{} "Turkey" is drug slang for meth and "gravy"is drug slang for heroin or to inject a drug, according to the affidavit.

That's why Andrea Davis isalso charged with a felony use of a communication device.{}

Both Davis siblings arenot in police custody yet.{} A sourcetells KATV that Matt Davis currently lives in California, but both Matt andAndi do plan to turn themselves in on Thursday at the Garland County Sheriff'sOffice.{}