Arrested Bryant day care worker is no stranger to the law

BRYANT (KATV)--BryantPolice released security footage of the day care worker accused of dragging an8-month-old infant.

Wefirst brought you this story yesterday, when 20-year-old Keyuanna Coats wasarrested at the Wisdom Tree Learning Academy.

Channel7 dug deeper into Coats' past, turns out this new charge of endangering the welfareof a minor violates her probation. Coatswas charged with 2nd-degree battery just last year.

Thesecurity footage catches Coats dragging the infant not once, but twice acrossthe carpet.

"It'spretty crazy, luckily it wasn't my son, I don't know how I would have reacted, Iprobably would have reacted a lot worse than any parent has."

Thisparent wanted to remain anonymous, but said he immediately pulled his3-month-old child out of Wisdom after he heard the news.

Coatswas arrested on Tuesday, but this isn't Coats first run-in with the law. In2012 she beat up a woman and was charged with a felony battery.

Later,she agreed to a plea bargain dropping charges to a misdemeanor battery. She was also given a no contact order with thevictim, along with one year of probation.

"It'sscary to put him in any day care now, because if one person is going to hire aperson with a history of violence, someone else is going to overlook it aswell," added the anonymous parent.

Coatshas bonded out. Channel 7 did contact Coats, but her mother said they aren'tmaking any comments at this time.

She'salso facing a shoplifting charge from last month.

Channel7 tried to contact the owner of Wisdom, Arteja Stamps, she never got back tous. Although,she did say yesterday in an interview, that Coats had passed all backgroundchecks prior to being hired.

Wedid check with DHS and they tell us state regulations require day care ownersto do employee background checks at least once every five years, but more oftenfor maltreatment checks.