Asa Hutchinson announces endorsement from Congressman

Jonesboro (KATV) - Congressman Rick Crawford, who representsArkansas's First Congressional District, announced his endorsement of AsaHutchinson for Governor Wednesday morning.

Congressman Crawford issued the following statement:

"I am happy to endorse my long-timefriend Asa Hutchinson for Governor. I have had the pleasure of workingwith Asa long before my formal entry into politics and believe that his combinationof legislative and executive experience makes him the most qualified candidateto serve as the next Governor of Arkansas. Asa understands howsignificant portions of our state's economy, like production agriculture, canhelp lead the way to increased economic activity and job creation by keepingstate government small and efficient while ensuring the tax burden on Arkansasfamilies and job creators is low. I ask voters across Arkansas to join mein supporting and voting for Asa as the next Governor of the state ofArkansas."

Republican candidate for Governor, AsaHutchinson added:

"No one is more respected in Arkansas on agriculturalissues than my friend Congressman Rick Crawford. I am honored tohave his endorsement for Governor. As Governor, promoting Arkansas'sagriculture will be a key priority for me and Rick's expertise and commitmentare critical for our state. Rick's leadership has made a positivedifference in eastern Arkansas because of his experience and our shared commonsense Arkansas values. Eastern Arkansas is very important for my campaignand Rick's endorsement increases the momentum that is needed for victory."

Congressman Crawford's endorsement followsthe endorsement of Asa Hutchinson by Arkansas's 2nd District Congressman TimGriffin.

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