Asst. Vilonia Fire Chief: "President's Visit Exceeded Expectations"

K.C. Williams, Asst. Vilonia Fire Chief

VILONIA (KATV) - They were both honored to meet President Obama and although they said they may differ on politics, Faulkner County Judge Allen Dodson and Vilonia Asst. Fire Chief K.C. Williams said Wednesday made them fans of the Commander in Chief. Dodson said although he would have hoped to sit down with President Obama and talk with him for hours, he said Wednesday's meeting met his expectations.{} The judge said it was a special day. "As important as any dialogue that any of us had with the President today, I think that it just marks that milestone beyond which we begin our rebuilding process and our healing," said Dodson at a press conference Wednesday. Dodson mentioned that seeing the President on Wednesday wasn't just symbolic of the milestone for the affected communities, but also symbolic of federal support. "To actually see him, I think to me that instilled confidence in me that his organization will be here to support us," said Dodson. The father of Casey Williams, a girl called out by President Obama for her bold leadership in organizing volunteer efforts in the wake of the storm on Wednesday, Assistant Vilonia Fire Chief K.C. Williams was also able to meet Obama. "I think the message he brought to all the first responders was one that he appreciated all of the hard work of the first responders and the volunteers did," said Williams.{} "The other message was a message of hope; he gave us some strength today." Williams mentioned he feels confident, after his meeting, that the federal government will be at his town's aide. And with the strength that Williams mentioned, Dodson said it's time to start the long term recovery process and begin rebuilding. "I look forward to him [Obama] visiting again when we rebuild," said Dodson. During the press conference Wednesday evening, Dodson kept mentioning how impressed he was with the President and Director of Homeland Security were able to declare the county a major disaster area so quickly.{} Dodson said that should be proof that the Commander in Chief is here to help Arkansas and here for the long haul.