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      Attorneys ask for directed verdict in Jack Gillean trial

      Attorneys for former{}UCA Chief of Staff Jack Gillean moved for a directed verdict in his trial late Tuesday. If it's granted, Gillean could be acquitted.

      {}The attorneys are asking the judge to reconsider whether what Gillean is accused of doing falls under commercial burglary. Gillean is facing charges that he gave a student keys to professors' offices so that student could steal copies of tests.

      {}A friend of that student,{}Jared Santiago,{}testified Tuesday that he received and benefited from these stolen exams,{}admits to stealing them on one occasion. He talked about the euphoria he felt knowing that he didn't have to study for classes like biology and organic chemistry.

      {}He also{}testified that{}Gillean gave his friend, Cameron Stark, the master key.{}But the defense responded by{}reminding jurors that Santiago has complete immunity. Even implying that the prosecution is influencing Santiago to help convict Gillean. The prosecution adamantly denied those accusations.

      {}The trial will resume in the morning.