Audit reveals Private Option operating as it should


An audit of Arkansas's Private Option reveals that it is working as it should under the law, but Thursday lawmakers questioned whether or not they should let that law continue.Department of Human Services Director John Selig fielded questions on everything from Obamacare to the Private Option to the audit itself. Many people in the state still believe that Obamacare and the Private Option are the same thing.{}"People think in some cases that the Private Option is the same as the Affordable Care Act, and they're really not the same. You could dislike a lot of the Affordable Care Act and still like the Private Option or vice versa," explained Selig.The meeting of the Legislative Joint Auditing Committee lasted most of the day. Representative Kim Hammer says he has not made up his mind whether to vote to fund the law or not. Hammer says he wonders if there is a third option that he can put on the table."It is true that we have been handed, whether we like it or not, the Affordable Care Act, and we have to decide what is best for us as a state over the portion that we manage, what will be best for our citizens not only now but later," said Hammer.One of Hammer's biggest concerns is the federal government. Though the Private Option is only a small part of the healthcare law and the only part that the state controls, Hammer and others worry that the federal government won't hold up its end of the deal. That could leave the state footing the bill in the future.