UPDATE: Deputies arrest accomplice of escaped inmate, search continues

William Harding, 58

GARLAND COUNTY (KATV) - The Garland County Sheriff's Office is still searching Monday for an escaped inmate, but has arrested one man believed to be involved.

Late Sunday night, GCSO released it had arrested William Harding, 58, for assisting in the escape of Derrick Estell.

Estell, 33, escaped at approximately 1:40 p.m. Sunday in what authorities call "an apparent elaborate plan, with an unknown female picking him up."
Investigators are continuing to check out a number of leads, and deputies expect to issue arrest warrants for others who may have helped Estell escape.

He was brought back from the Arkansas Department of Corrections for court in Garland County on 26 different charges, including multiple counts of aggravated robbery, burglary, breaking and entering, thefts, and fleeing, according to Martin.

Estell was arrested in March after police said he stole and wrecked a car, then fled, causing a manhunt.

Estell and his accomplice(s) should be considered to be armed, dangerous and extremely aggressive.

Anyone with information should contact law enforcement immediately.

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