Average Arkansas-Alabama ticket price up from '11, beginning to fall

In a matter of a week an Arkansas Razorbacks against Alabama Crimson Tide football ticket was sold for $1,500 and another for only $15. reports while the average ticket price for this year's game compared to 2011 may be up, prices are beginning to fall, largely in part to Arkansas' shocking loss to the University of Louisiana-Monroe.

On September 3 the highest ticket for this weekend's game was sold for $1,500, then on September 10 the cheapest sold for $15.

Since arguably one of the largest upsets in Razorback football history ticket selling has taken a tumble.

"You know obviously we did see a bit of a dip in interest," said Joellen Ferrer with

Ferrer still said the Southeastern Conference Western Division match up is still the top selling college football game this week, but approaches at a cheaper price.

"Right now there are about a thousand tickets available on StubHub and they start at about $25. I would say at this time last week given the anticipation these same tickets were about $40 give or take. Certainly prices have come down," Ferrer continued.

Within the state of Arkansas, Hogman's Gameday Superstore of Little Rock told me people have been coming in this week just trying to get rid of tickets..

"I think they realize they're just trying to break even and maybe some people have decided after the ULM game that they just kind of what to break even and maybe they're not going to go or something," said store manager, Regina Green.

The average ticket sold online is $197, up from $165 of 2011's game against the Crimson Tide in Tuscaloosa, Ala., but it's a number expected to begin a decline.

"Now that being said, give our marketplace and how prices tend to come down, I would expect this to drop to close to $175," Ferrer added.

"I don't think it will dip lower than last year's average of $165, but I think it will go down a bit from what it is currently based on trends we've seen over the last few days."

The cheapest ticket we found on Ebay was around $20 for a first row seat on the goal line.