"Babygirl" shot and killed, Cabot police investigating

A two-year-old dog was shot and killed last week, leaving the owners seeking answers. The Jack Russell Terrier named "Babygirl" escaped out of the backyard fence Thursday. Her owner believes she was shot in a nearby field.Babygirl's owner, Tracy O'Conner, said the dog came limping back to her home on Elk Bear Lane, leaving a blood trail. O'Connor rushed her to the vet where she later died."I had came back home and she had made it back into the house, by that time she had been shot," said O'Connor.Babygirl didn't make it to surgery; she died that night, according to O'Conner. Since then, the family has been putting up flyers looking for answers, while caring for Babygirl's puppy "Bo"."We treat them like they're our own children, and that absence is horrible because we miss her so bad," she added.O'Connor believes Babygirl was shot in a field by an Airsoft gun. Cabot detectives have interviewed people in the apartment building as well as possible witnesses, but have not identified any suspects."It can be a serious issue," said Cabot Police Sergeant Keith Graham. "It can either be a felony or misdemeanor, depending on the seriousness of the crime that you're dealing with.""I want to know why would they take our baby from us? She's our baby," said O'Connor.The family is offering a $2,000 reward to anyone who can give information that leads to an arrest.If you know anything you're asked to call Cabot Police at (501) 843-6526.