Bad Day for Young Entrepreneur

This morning he threw a punch. This afternoon he was thrown in a jail cell. It's been a long day for a man who describes himself as a young entrepreneur.

Last week we met a group of employees who say their former boss owes them money.

And they're not alone.

You're about to learn what happened when an unhappy contractor caught up with Ken Arbuckle.

Paul Roberts operates Two Cuzins Handy Service. Roberts did $2,000.00 worth of work for Ken Arbuckle but hasn't been paid.

We set up a meeting with Roberts at Arbuckle Enterprises Thursday morning for 9:15 and, just by chance, Ken Arbuckle showed up.

About 10:00 Thursday morning we sat down to visit with Ken Arbuckle.

"Unfortunately I can't pay," says Arbuckle. "I have no money. I think it's a pretty straightforward thing to say that I am broke."

Ten minutes earlier we visited with Paul Roberts.

"He gave me a bounced check," says Roberts. "He stopped payment on a check. And then he gave me paperwork saying he had filed bankruptcy...which was false."

Thirty minutes before that Arbuckle punched Roberts in the side of the head.

Minutes later Arbuckle was laid out in front of his car after he was subdued by another man using a choke hold following the punch.

Police arrived and took statements...and they are learning there are a lot of people who would like to put Ken Arbuckle in a choke hold.

There are employees who are owed money.

His landlords are owed rent, both at his workplace and his apartment.

And even the guy who put the graphics on his car has yet to be paid.

Arbuckle says he plans to file bankruptcy. He also says his bankruptcy attorney is Rusty Sparks. We called Sparks and he says he "has not, does not, and will not represent Ken Arbuckle."

Bankruptcy or not, it is clear Arbuckle is going out of business. Unbeknownst to the owner of the building Arbuckle rents and against that owner's wishes, the space is currently listed for lease on Craigslist. The owner says he served Arbuckle with a notice to vacate within 10 days on Thursday.

"About two months now I've been living paycheck to paycheck trying to bring money in and pay the bills I have," says Arbuckle. "Unfortunately being a young entrepreneur you're know you learn from your mistakes."

Arbuckle's admitted mismanagement started well over two months ago.

Cameron Snyder of Sherwood worked for Arbuckle last summer, wasn't paid, and now has a court judgment for $1,600.00.

"The product was solid," says Snyder. "He wasn't."

"I think the employees unfortunately made it sound like I was a scam artist and I wasn't trying to scam anyone," says Arbuckle. "This happens in the U.S. on a daily basis. Donald Trump has filed bankruptcy over 50 times. But unfortunately...small town, small state...I'm in front of a camera."

(Arbuckle's car has Illinois license plates and his booking sheet states he was born in Elgin, Illinois).

And Arbuckle's day would go from bad to worse.

Thursday afternoon police returned to arrest Arbuckle on eight hot check charges out of Sherwood totaling nearly $25,000.

This morning he was put to sleep, and this afternoon he was put in a cell.

As of news time Arbuckle remained in custody. His court date has been set for August 8th at 8:00 a.m.

Air date: July 25th, 2013