Bad Gas


15 gallons of gasoline has caused $1,800.00 worth of damage to one Saline County woman's car.

If it happened to her... could it happen to you?

This driver's claim might not be taken seriously without proof...but she has proof.

The gas was purchased at a Phillips 66 station at 13110 Interstate 30 near the Pulaski County/Saline County line. 15 gallons of premium was purchased on September 27th.

Two days later, the car the gas was pumped into stopped working.

Four days after that...state inspectors tested the gas.

"The investigator went out and actually stuck the tank and there was 2 1/4 inches of water in the premium tank," says Wilford Jones, Chemist Supervisor with the Bureau of Standards.

That is two inches more than allowed. The premium pumps were immediately shut down. The station owner has 30 days to fix the problem.

Jones says the Bureau of Standards gets calls from consumers every week who suspect they have purchased tainted gasoline.

The number of cases where bad fuel is actually found is surprisingly low.

"The year 2012 we had 87 complaints," recalls Jones. "And only had 17 that was actual...had any problems."

One other problem in this case...the gas station owner pays a company monthly to check for tank leaks and check for water.

That inspection found no water in the tanks the day before the state found over two inches of water.

But who pays for damages is not the concern of the Bureau of Standards.

"We quite often get insurance companies who will contact us to get that information to verify if it is a legitimate claim," says Jones.

The vehicle owner did not want to go on camera as she is still hoping for a positive resolution.

But she's been without her car for two weeks and says she is losing patience.

Air date: October 15th, 2013

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