Getting a Bad Mounce

It appears that social media has allowed a Harrison contractor to victimize homeowners in central Arkansas.

We visited with one family in Maumelle about their experience with "The Store."

"The Store" is the name Billy Mounce has given to his latest business venture.

Another was 'Kraftmade Cabinetry."

But regardless of what Mounce calls his thing stays the same: angry customers.

Mounce of Harrison isn't getting away with his bad business practices. Last month Mounce was charged with multiple felony counts...all theft of property.

He is due back in court in Harrison at the end of this month.

Mounce is not charged with ripping off Jennifer Halcombe because she lives in Pulaski County, not Boone County. But she says rip her off is exactly what he did.

"We contacted him again and there was no response," says Halcombe. "And we contacted him again and no response."

"Is that the point where you thought...uh oh."

"yeah," says Halcombe. "We immediately had a sick feeling like we've just been had for $1,800.00."

Halcombe found online ads for Mounce on several central Arkansas Facebook groups.

He had a business card, an official looking contract...and soon had a check for $1,800.00.

With the money gone and the floor ripped up, Jennifer says they had to take out a loan and pay Lowe's to put in a new floor.

"We were just way too trusting of this guy and we thought...hey, here is just a hard-working guy trying to make an honest living," recalls Halcombe. "He'll do a good job. And then this happened so we're just very hesitant to trust anybody anymore."

If there are other people in central Arkansas who lost money to Billy Mounce, they should contact the Boone County prosecutor's office as a plea deal that would seek full restitution for victims is being considered.

Air date: June 12th, 2013