Bad Move


A move last summer from Hot Springs to North Carolina has been simmering ever since.

The family says thousands of dollars in damages was done to their property and the mover is unwilling to fairly compensate them.

We have been trying to broker a deal between these two parties since July of last year. But seven months later no agreement has been reached.

From the instant Jim and Darby Logan opened the moving truck's back door they knew they were in trouble.

A chair leg snapped off. Broken picture frames. Broken glass. Antique tables and wardrobes scraped, chunked and cracked.

The Logans say an estimate to repair and restore just two of the damaged pieces of furniture tops $2,000.00.

They told David Robertson, owner of A-1 Razorback Moving (6500 Holt Road, North Little Rock) that they would settle for that...$2,000.00.

Robertson's offer? $600.00.

That is where things started and that is where things have stayed.

In September the Logans told us "He really is not communicating with us." A month later: "We have not heard back from David about our dispute."

In December: "We have not heard anything from David Robertson." And in January: "We have had no response from David Robertson."

A-1 says the Logans agreed to a contract that pays .60 per pound for damaged items.

The Logans says Robertson told them he was fully insured for replacement value should any damage occur.

that fact that damage occurred is disputed by no one. a lot of damage.

The Arkansas Better Business Bureau gives A-1 Razorback Moving an "F" rating, citing several recent complaints.

We asked Robertson to provide us with the ages and years of experience of the crew that moved the Logans to North Carolina. He has refused. The Logans claim two teenagers and a supervisor starting his second week with the company loaded and unloaded their stuff.

Air date: February 27th, 2014