Ballot initiative groups flock to 4th of July crowds for signatures

(KATV)-Groups hoping to have their initiative on the November ballot must gather at least 62,507 signatures, required to be turned in by Monday. Many of them hitting the July 4th celebrations to get those last minute signatures. The groups hoping to allow alcohol in Saline County were canvassing two local Walmart locations Friday. "Seems smart, Pulaski County is getting the revenue off everyone that's buying alcohol from Saline County," said Bryant resident Nick Rogers. The state initiative planning not only to canvas 4th of July celebrations all over the state today, but will even have a booth set up at the Saline County 4th of July festival to get those signatures. Rogers says the ballot initiative is much needed on a day like today, where people have to leave the county to purchase alcohol. "You go out to the county line, you're going to have road blocks, road blocks, gas mileage. It's just a hassle," Rogers said. At Pops on the River, 30,000 Arkansans are expected to convene. That's where the Arkansans for Compassionate Care are hoping to get medical marijuana on the ballot. "You know we were kind of afraid, we're right there. We just need a little bit to get over. And then we were like great, this is the fourth of July and we were intending to get all the signatures in by yesterday and we were like wait a minute we're not going to give up the fourth of July," said Arkansans for Compassionate Care Director Melissa Fults. The good weather and mass of people is just what they need. "We're hoping this weekend will put us over the line and we'll able to turn in Monday," Fults said.