Baptist Health opens new counseling center

The holidays can be an especially tough time for Arkansans who are dealing with loss.

It can trigger depression, which can lead to drug use, or even suicide. If you have a loved one who may need couseling, there is help offered at the new Baptist Health Counseling Center. It opened on Monday. In the old Southwest Hospital building at the intersection of I-30 and I-430, the center offers outpatient services, based on Christian values.

"Everybody that we've talked to, in the professional realm, in the ministry realm, in the community services realm, have said this is a needed service. That they don't have enough resources to refer people to who are coming to them for help, said Doctor Charles Chamblee, the lead therapist. He says the center offers marriage, family, and relationship counseling, handles work and stress issues, addiction, and grief counseling, all for a flat rate of $75 per one hour session. That's significantly less than the average therapy session. And it's easily accessible.

"You can just call and make an appointment. It doesn't have to be a referral from a physician. If an individual notices that they're having some difficulties, all they have to do is call," said Chamblee.

Those who are struggling may not recognize their need for help. But, if you've noticed a change in your behavior, or in someone you love, H.E.L.P. is the word Dr. Chamblee says you need to remember.

"So that simple word, H.E.L.P.: to have a hope, to pay attention to that exercise, to let others know what's going on, and to plan for what's going to take place can often times be a good asset to help people make it through the holidays, " said Chamblee.

Call 501-202-7587 for an appointment.. The center is open Monday through Friday.