Baptist Health Taking Healthcare to the Neediest Arkansans

Most of us think of hospitals as a place you go when you're sick, but, Baptist Health is taking healthcare where it's needed most ; to the neediest of the community.

{}Each week, Mosaic church in Southwest Little Rock opens its doors to the community, offering free food, to, on average, more than 100 members of the community, most of which are homeless.

{}"They don't have any income or maybe they have a small job. Maybe they earn{}$100 a month, or a $1000. They can't pay health insurance," said Pastor Cesar Ortega.

{}That describes Doris Thompson, who in addition to getting food here, is taking advantage of a free health screening, offered by Baptist Health.

{}"I've had a complete physical. You know, they're in the process of finishing," said Thompson.

{}Doris is one of about 200 screened this year. Baptist offers blood pressure screenings, cholesterol checks, flu shots, and even nutritional advice.{}If the test results show signs of trouble, they're ready to act.

{}"If it looks like that patient needs additional care, we do refer those patients out to other community centers that have physicians that work there or we refer them to physicians at Baptist," said Teresa Conner, Community Outreach Coordinator.

{}Sometimes, technicians don't need the test results. Conner says the screenings have saved lives. "We've had to send a couple people to the ER. We've had patients collapse right in front of our table. We've even had volunteers we've had to help out here. So, we've definitely identified some problems that people didn't know they had."

Baptist provides the free screening on the first tuesday of the month at mosaic church.