Baptist Program Helps Expectant Moms

Finding out you're pregnant is an exciting time for a first time Mom, but it can also be frightening.{}A free program offered by Baptist Health is answering new mom's questions, and leading them into motherhood.

These new moms, all in their teens, and all single, are facing an uphill challenge. Their lives are about to change dramatically, and because they're here, they know they need help.

{}"It's needed a lot, especially, in young women, cause, a lot of them don't know what to do. They just need somebody to talk to. And especially seeing other pregnant women. It sometimes gets stressful. Seeing other women, knowing that you have somebody in the same position, who know what you're going through, you have somebody to talk to," said 18 year old Ashley.

Nurse Rachel White has been leading these free, monthly prenatal classes for three years. She says the goal is for these girls to have healthy babies, learning about nutrition, breastfeeding, and CPR.

{}"I also tell them it's a life-altering thing. That nothing will ever be the same. You can't ever be first again. It's always the child. The baby comes before you," White said.

{}Most of her class members are teenagers and single, and White relates to them, and gives them hope for the future.

{}"I was a teenage mom. I tell them, you look at me. I had choices. I had a child to raise. I chose to take care of myself and my child," White said.

{}Baptist also gives the new moms free diapers, wipes, and even car seats to help them get started.