Bars expecting higher turnout with new SEC Network

Little Rock (KATV) -With a new Razorback season, comes a new network for the Hogs, a network many don't have. Kickoff is only hours away, and Razorback fans are putting last season behind them and predicting how the Hogs will do in 2014. "Hopefully we'll do better than last year," said Lucas with a smile on face. "I'm thinking we'll probably take two non-conference games and take another two conference games," said Roderick. "We'll go bowling if we win 6 games on the dot," said Rick. Arkansas first two games are against Auburn and Nichols State, both on the new SEC Network. The network is barely a month old, and many Arkansas fans are concerned they won't be able watch their Hogs from home. As cable providers and home owners figure out the logistics of getting the Razorbacks in their living room before kickoff, bar owners in downtown Little Rock are benefiting. "It was really interested to see folks who may not get (the SEC Network) out of their hotel room so they'll watch the game here," said Don Dugan, owner of Dugan's Pub. Dugan says on Thursday night, the first game on the SEC Network, he had both Ole Miss and Aggie fans crowding his bar. Come Saturday, Dugan believes it'll be shoulder to should with Hog fans who don't have the new network at home. "I hope it's going to bring in more business this year," said Gusano's employee, Candice Johnson. Johnson said Gusano's made sure to have the network before its launch on the 14th of August. Arkansas plays at Auburn at 3pm on Saturday on SEC Network.