'Batkid' saves San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO (ABC) - After a three year battle with leukemia, a 5-year-old boy took on a new fight Friday.

Thanks to help from Make-A-Wish, San Francisco went all out for Miles' crime-fighting spree, including a Batmobile. A damsel in distress was tied to a device left by The Riddler, but the California kindergartner rescued her just in time.

Batkid then captured The Riddler inside a downtown vault, and later chased down The Penguin with thousands of well-wishers cheering him on.

"The scale this big is just overwhelming for us," said Nick Scott, Batkid's father. "It's nothing we ever dreamed of."

Little Miles showed more of his superhero strength. He finished his treatment in June and his leukemia is now in remission.