Bauxite superintendent faces allegations of domestic abuse

The superintendent of the Bauxite School District was served an order of protection Monday, because his wife alleges physical abuse. Matthew Donaghy just got the job of superintendent in July. In the petition for the order of protection, his wife wrote: "He got mad, tackled me, pushed my head into the mattress. We went outside and I was sitting down, he grabbed my arm and slung me across the street from one side to the other." She also wrote: "I am also afraid of what he might do when I get the order of protection because he still has a key and knows my daughter and I are home by ourselves." Channel 7 News also obtained a Sherwood Police report from July. It says a verbal argument broke out, and she stated that Matthew opened the passenger door and pulled her out of the vehicle. A lawyer for Donaghy told Channel 7: "All of the allegations are totally unfounded and perhaps actionable," attorney Carrol Ann Hicks said. "It's certainly a violation of a prior restraining order against her and retaliatory of the divorce he filed," she said. When contacted by Channel 7 News, Donaghy's wife told said everything she put in the report is true. Meanwhile, some parents at Bauxite say they're concerned by the allegations. "I've heard nothing but good news about this guy, so it devastates me to learn this could possibly be true," said parent Patricia Williams. "I don't want him around my kids. I've got three kids in this school," said parent Tiffany Wilson. The chairman of the school board said they just found out about this Monday and will likely discuss it at the next scheduled{} school board meeting.{}