Bee Branch community rallies around family that lost multiple children

The Bee Branch community is in mourning after the death of 19-year-old Zach Walters. Walters was killed in a car accident early Saturday morning on Highway 65. On Wednesday, about a thousand people from the Bee Branch community came to Walters's funeral at the South Side Bee Branch High School. "At 19 years old, he was the glue that held this community together. It's unbelievable the impact he's had on the community," said family friend Dan Payne. Zach's death isn't the first time the Walters family has experienced the loss of a loved one. The Walters lost their daughter Allison at birth and their son Dalton was diagnosed with cancer at four years old and lost his battle at seven. Then Wednesday, they buried Zach. "He's just friendly with anybody and everybody, he didn't have an enemy in the world," said friend Dewayne Matthews, fondly remembering Zach. The Bee Branch superintendent canceled school on just the third day of the year so family and friends can attend his service. Earlier in the week, almost $20,000 was donated at a Clinton livestock auction for the Walters family, and a fund has been set up in his name at the First Service Bank in Clinton. "He would take care of their animals for them, take care of their farms, and take people's kids back and forth to practices. At 19 years old, it's amazing how thoughtful and selfless he was, just helping everybody in the community," said Payne. Pastor Blood said Zach's parents thank everyone for their love, support and prayers.