UPDATE: Furloughed employees expected to reach 1,600 by Monday

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - Arkansas' surplus funds helping keep programs afloat during the government shutdown have run dry.

Friday was a crucial day impacting a number of state programs that rely on federal funding, many of them were still learning how many employees it will have to furlough Friday evening.

With each passing hour Friday the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration learned even more about which state departments that will have to cut down on services, and furlough additional workers.

The number of furloughed workers is expected to near 1,600 by Monday.

A majority of state departments that rely on federal funding for a variety of services have survived the shutdown so far, but that story may change over the weekend.

"Come Monday those programs that we have determined do have funding going forward will continue, those that do not will have to stop on Monday," said Brandon Sharp, the state's budget administrator.

Sharp said his staff has sifted through thousands of grants during the shutdown to see who can keep their doors open.

"Every day that we go beyond Monday it continues to get worse-and-worse. Some agencies will run out of the money for their program by the end of the month," Sharp said about the harsh reality if the shutdown does not end.

All furloughed employees on the federal level are due to receive back pay once the government turns its lights back on, but according to Sharp the government has not approved a back pay method for this next wave of state employees that are forced to go home.

"That does not apply to our state employees who are working on federal grants," he added.

The department of finance did not want to comment on which programs will feel the largest effect so that no one in the public was misled.

After calling multiple agencies we found out the following update on furloughs and federal funding:

-The Arkansas Department of Human Services reports 63 employees remain on furlough, and more than 500 are working on reduced hours right now.

-The Arkansas Department of Health said 11 people are currently furloughed but it is checking additional programs, including WIC.

-The Arkansas{}Department of Education, it's using carryover funds and grants to fill the gap for what the federal level is no longer supporting, but it has not placed any employees on a furlough.

The number of furloughed employees due to the shutdown was sat just over 400 full time employees and just less than 700 part-time.

Outside of jobs, additional services will be cut. Most of these are running out of surplus to keep them going, like WIC.

"They have some contingency funds that they're operating on, but in terms of how long it goes I've heard estimates to the end of the month," Sharp said about the program to low-income women and children.