Beebe: 'Hurt' for states expected in budget deal

LITTLE ROCK (Arkansas News Bureau) -- Whatever Congress and the president do to avoid the fiscal cliff, states are going to be hurt, Gov. Mike Beebe said Wednesday, a day after he and five other governors met with President Obama at the White House to discuss the looming fiscal deadline.

But Beebe said the nation could risk plunging into a new recession if it goes over the cliff.

Beebe told reporters at the state Capitol, "Our emphasis was, 'We recognize it's going to hurt us, whatever your solution is, and we're willing to try to work with you and deal with that in the ways that are the least harmful, without any specifics in that regard. But don't disproportionately hurt the states. Don't make the states pay the lion's share of whatever this medicine is that we've all got to swallow,'"

He declined to name any specific areas of the state budget where he was willing to make sacrifices to help resolve the federal budget crisis.

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