Benton family delivers baby by candlelight

When the power{}went{}out, it was difficult for people to do the most basic things like cook and clean. But how about delivering a baby by candlelight? It sounds like a familiar Christmas story that's all too real for this Benton family.

"Crazy to say the least I could not believe it was happening," said Katie Broadus, mother of the baby.

Katie was at a loss for words as she described what it was like when she found it she would have to deliver her baby girl London in her own home.

"There's nothing I could do to prevent it," said Katie.

And there really wasn't. It was one in the morning, the snow was coming down hard. And help was well, not coming anytime soon..

"With the down trees then the ambulance got stuck then the wrecker got stuck trying to get them out so then we knew that it was basically going to have to happen here," said Joshua Broadus, father of the baby.

Fortunately, Katie's parents, who live minutes away, arrived and helped deliver their granddaughter. Katie, a registered nurse, ran the show.

"I{}tried to direct everybody and tell everybody what to do," said Katie.

Finally help arrived but they missed the moment by about an hour.

"After about a hour's period of time we're still sitting here just kind of baby on the side of mom just kind of waiting for the ambulance to get here," said Joshua.

The expression on the paramedics' faces when they arrived to see their job was mostly done was priceless.

"They just kind of stared at us and we said the baby was already here we delivered about 30 minutes ago and the ambulance driver just kind of stared at me," said Joshua.

And big sister Avery, asleep through the whole thing, woke up to a late Christmas present the next day.

"She couldn't believe it she was like what mommy had the baby," said Katie.

The baby is perfectly healthy and their power came back on the next day.