Benton Police and school district staff train on emergency response

(Benton PD Press Release) Thursday, February 20,officers with the Benton Police Department working in conjunction with theBenton School District held a training session on responses to emergencysituations.{}

Officers taught the class to approximately 50members of the school's Campus Emergency Response Teams(CERT), which are teams comprised of members from every campus in the district,and other administrators. {}The core curriculumwas based on a program called Avoid, Deny, and Defend (ADD).{}

The ADD program is designed to provide a course ofaction to school personnel and other citizens who find themselves involved inan active killer or other stressful event. The course highlights body responsesto stressful events and how to manage these effects appropriately.

ADD also instructs participants on how to identifythe event as an active shooter and helps them identify appropriate responses tothe situation. Once identified as an active shooter event, attendees will learnthe use of the acronym ADD (Avoid, Deny, Defend) as a method for responding tothe incident.

Another part of the class was spent learning aboutcommunication issues during stressful events and also how to possibly mitigatesituations from even occurring.{} Alongwith the classroom training, the CERT teams were provided with additional toolsto help them during these situations.{}Due to the sensitivity of this issue, additional details cannot beprovided for security reasons.

In addition to working with the school CERT teams,the department has hosted active killer training for numerous years andinstituted mandatory walk-throughs of every campus in the district for everyofficer on duty at some point during the day.{}This was done to be both unpredictable with our presence and to alsoallow for multiple officers to be present at any given time during the schoolday.{} The department plans other trainingsessions with the CERT teams in the near future.{}

Ever since the massacre at Columbine High School in1999 to the massacre at Sandyhook Elementary last year, the Benton PoliceDepartment has evolved in their mindset and training in an attempt to stayahead of those that would do harm to our children.{}{}