Benton Police charge man with rape, drugging of juvenile

Police say a man they arrested Tuesday for rape and drug offenses involving a minor, has been charged with similar crimes in the past.

James Gilliam, 32, is reported to have made contact with a male juvenile online, picked the juvenile up at his house and took him to another city where he allegedly provided him with drugs and then raped him.

Gilliam is charged with rape, introduction of a controlled substance into the body of another person, and human trafficking.

Police say Gilliam was also charged in November 2013 in a case involving the rape of a juvenile. The 2013 criminal complaint states that after picking up some juveniles at a Benton park, Gilliam gave them methamphetamine and alcohol, showed them gay pornography, and sexually assaulted one of juveniles.

He had bonded out of jail and was awaiting his trial. He was due again in court August 18 for plea and arraignment on the 2013 charges.

Gilliam is currently held on a $100,000 bond. He was initially given a $1,000,000 bond on these charges when the arrest warrant was signed by a circuit court judge on Tuesday. At a bond hearing in district court Wednesday, Gilliam's bond as reduced to $100,000. The clerk at the district court told KATV $100,000 is what the judge and prosecuting attorney agreed on.

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