Benton Police: Victim shot himself with suspect's help

BENTON (KATV) - A Little Rock school teacher is arrested for his involvement in a Benton shooting but police say he's not the only suspect.

The shooting happened early Friday morning. But an arrest wasn't made until late that night. That's when police discovered that the victim and suspect planned the shooting.

Police arrested 35-year-old Little Rock school teacher, Jason Gaunt, around 10 o' clock Friday night in relation to that shooting. But shortly after they found out he was not their only suspect.

Officials discovered the victim, 29-year-old Timothy Gauldin, shot himself with the help of Gaunt.

"It has been determined that the suspect and this other we accomplices together in staging this act," said Lt. Kevin Russell, spokesperson for Benton Police. "The whole thing is rather strange and, of course, sometimes cases aren't as they seem and we have to follow the evidence where ever it leads us."

Gaunt's neighbor was surprised when he heard the news.

"He's a good guy. I always see him out here working on his yard," said Breyden Shaffer. "His children are always out here playing and he keeps an eye on them. He's good people."

The victim is still in the hospital and in serious condition so he has not been formally charged with anything yet.

Coming up on Nightside, channel 7 was the only station to speak to Gaunt. Hear what he had to say about the victim.