Benton School District tightens up safety on all school campuses

The Benton School District is taking extra steps to ensure their students safety for the upcoming school year. The district was allotted $300,000 to renovate all district campuses to be more safe for students. They plan to implement their new two tier entry system once school starts on Aug. 18th.Benton School Superintendent, Jeff Collum said the district talked about implementing these measures to stay proactive."We know that if kids don't feel safe they cannot focus on learning," Collum said.All faculty and staff will now have a Principal to access the building. Other than the main entrance, all other doors throughout the buildings stay locked during the day.With the new automatic system, administrators will also be able to lock down all campuses immediately.Beverly Overturf, Principal of Ringgold Elementary, said this is unique to Benton."There's very few schools that I know of in the state that have something of this nature. I think we are really at the top of the list as far as the security and safety of the kids," Overturf said.The district still has money left over from the project. They are currently deciding what to use it for.
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