Benton woman arrested for 23 counts of animal cruelty

(KATV) Benton - When law enforcementofficers were looking for escaped inmate, Curtis Reese Jr., they looked in SalineCounty where he's from. Reese was later captured in White County, but thesearch in Benton turned up neglected and deceased dogs.

Homes here on LatimerDive in Benton are spread out, people have live stock and the sound of dogsbarking isn't out of the ordinary. Neighbor James Toland says, "She seemed likea sweet person."

Neighbors say theythought the homeowner fostered animals for the Humane Society.

Rhonda Reeseexplains, "We haven't seen her coming around in a while and she use tocome every day. She kept to herself and wouldn't let you get on her propertybut it's kind of sad. I didn't know she needed help with them or we would havehelped."

48-year old Dorothy Braithwaitehas been arrested, charged with 23 counts of animal cruelty. Each count is afelony.

Lt. Kevin Russell says the cages werestacked floor to ceiling and there was no water or electricity to the home. Hesays ifsearch crews didn't find the home, they may never have found it. "They were underweight and there was excrement all overthem and the environment they were living in, it was just very sad."

Benton Animal Controlis caring for the animals.


A Benton woman was arrested on Wednesday for 23 counts of animal cruelty after Benton Police found dogs and cats in poor condition in her home. The officers were in the 600 block of Latimer Drive looking for escaped inmate Curtis Reese, Jr. when they came across Dorothy Braithwaite's home.

Police say they obtained a search warrant for the residence after noticing a large amount of animals in the home that appeared to be without electricity or a caretaker.

There was no power, the animals were covered in excrement, and there was no sign that the animals had been fed or given water recently.

On November 2, detectives came into contact with 48-year-old Braithwaite.