Bentonville hotel named among Top 10 Quirkiest Accommodations

If you're looking for aunique spot to visit this summer, travel giant TripAdvisor says you don't haveto go far.

21c Museum Hotel in Bentonvilleis being called one of the Top 10 Quirkiest Accommodations in the United States. The hotel includes its own museum for artlovers to enjoy. In addition to the rotating exhibits, the hotel includesunique architecture.

"For travelers who want a truly uniqueexperience on vacation and stories to tell for a lifetime, these funkyproperties will surely fit the bill," said Brooke Ferencsik, director ofcommunications at TripAdvisor.

Check out the complete list of quirky spotsbelow:

Caving Inn: Kokopelli Cave Bed and Breakfast,Farmington, New Mexico

Located70 feet below the ground near the Four Corners region of the U.S., this oneguestroom bed and breakfast offers more than the average digs. Travelers are invited to experiencethe 1,650 square foot dwelling that boasts Southwestern style furniture anddécor, a full kitchen, washer/dryer, and even a relaxing flagstone hot tub."This was a once in a lifetime experience! The cave is comfortable and has manyhomey touches," commented a TripAdvisor traveler.

Variety Show: El Cosmico, Marfa, Texas

Locatedin the southwest region of the Lone Star state, this 18-acre property givestravelers the option to stay in a trailer, tent or teepee. Restored trailersare complete with marine-varnished birch interiors, an eclectic collection offurniture and comfortableamenities including fans, heaters, refrigerators, and cooking supplies. ATripAdvisor traveler noted, "Two nights were not nearly enough - El Cosmico issuch a charming funky place, comfortable and staffed with friendly people whowant to help you have a great stay."

Ferry Tale: Yankee Ferry, Red Hook, New York

Floatingon the Hudson River in the Red Hook area of Brooklyn, this 1907 steel-hulledpassenger vessel invites travelers to climb aboard and rest their heads in itsspacious quarters. Guests can check out the boat's "Polka Dot Garden" that boasts a variety ofveggies while enjoying magnificent views of Manhattan. "This is by far the mostunique and amazing place I have ever stayed. It is unlike anything else,blending adventure, history, and a sense of home all in one," said aTripAdvisor traveler.

Ruffing it: Dog Bark Park Inn,Cottonwood, Idaho

Travelersvisiting this bed and breakfast located 200 miles north of Boise will be gladto be in the doghouse. Guests are warmlywelcomed as they enter the B&B built in the shape of a giant beagle, affectionatelynamed "Sweet Willy," and make their way to the loft room located in the pooch'shead. Amenities include complimentary breakfast, air conditioning, and as apet-friendly property, lots of tail-wagging fun. "Simply put this is the bestplace we've ever stayed. A noble and absurd undertaking - made with love andcare - Sweet Willy was fun, silly and cozy," said a TripAdvisor traveler.

Lighthouse Living: East Brother Light Station, PointRichmond, California

Situatedon a strait between San Francisco and San Pablo Bay, this Victorian lighthouse offers a romantic, one of akind stay. Following a 10-minute ferry ride, travelers will immerse themselvesin the stunning scenery and lavish guest rooms, and relish the exquisite, freshfare. "It's amazing that folks pass this hidden treasure on a daily basis andhave no idea of the prospect of relaxation and solitude that awaits," commenteda TripAdvisor traveler.

Back to School: McMenamins Kennedy School,Portland, Oregon

Travelers will get a lesson in someold-fashioned fun at this converted schoolhouse. Fifty-seven former classrooms,still adorned with chalkboards,now house plush beds for guests to rest to their heads. Those interested inextracurricular activities can view a movie in the former auditorium or sip abeverage at the "Detention Bar." A TripAdvisor traveler commented, "Beyond comparison, this hotel transformed froma former school, had all of the imagined charm and then some."

Nature Nook: Starlight Llama Bed and Breakfast, Florence, Massachusetts

Twentymiles north of Springfield in western Massachusetts, travelers can connect withnature while enjoying an off-the-grid experience. Running on solar power andrecognized in the TripAdvisor GreenLeaders™ program,guests at this bed and breakfast are invited to socialize with the property'sanimals including emus, peacocks, and of course, llamas. "I really enjoyed mystay here, the rooms were clean and cozy, breakfast was delicious, and theanimals were pretty awesome," commented a TripAdvisor traveler.

Train Spotting: Red Caboose Getaway,Sequim, Washington
Locatedat the picturesque junction of the Olympic Mountains and the Dungeness River,this locomotive lodging offers spectacular scenery atop of tracks. Travelerscan climb aboard six themed caboose cars refurbished with modern amenitiesincluding mini refrigerators, hot tubs, and a collection of train-travelmovies, and later enjoy a gourmet meal at the "Silver Eagle" zephyr dining car."The décor is charming, thoughtful, railroad-authentic, playful and wellappointed," commented a TripAdvisor traveler.

Houseboat Haven: Green Turtle Floating Bed and Breakfast, Boston, Massachusetts

Mooredin Boston Harbor, this floating houseboat offers travelers a comfortable reston the water. After a day of touring nearby sites along the Freedom Trail,guests can enjoy stunning views of the Boston skyline or unwind with luxuriousamenities in one of two suites that offer private bathrooms, in-roomkitchenettes, and Wi-Fi. A TripAdvisor traveler commented, "It was the bestnight's sleep I've had in months, and I felt so at ease in the comfort of thiswonderful bed and breakfast."

Masterpiece Hotel: 21c Museum Hotel Bentonville,Bentonville, Arkansas

Located200 miles northwest of Little Rock, this boutique hotel features its own museumfor true art aficionados. Travelers will marvel at the rotating collection ofcontemporary exhibitions and dynamic installations, and will be equallyinspired by the lodging'sgracious guest rooms designed by renowned architect Deborah Berke. ATripAdvisor traveler said, "Prepare to be surprised and delighted by thisintriguing hotel and museum. From check-in to check-out, no detail was toosmall to escape the wonderful staff."

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