Best Interest for Best Buy


Our Seven-On-Your-Side office told you last week about a Best Buy customer frustrated by her inability to get her broken television looked at.

It appears we are heading for a happy ending.

What a difference a weekend makes.

On Friday Sharon Cox told us she had been trying for two months to get somebody with Best Buy to simply look at the cracked screen of her 60 inch plasma flat screen television.

Now it appears that won't be necessary.

The cracks in this flat screen television have rendered it useless.

Sue Cox says she doesn't know how they occurred but maintains that it was through no fault of her own.

And she wasn't overly concerned about it because she purchased an extended warranty.

"The exact words the employee used were you could push it off the shelf and pour a pitcher of water down the back of it and we would replace it or repair it free of charge," Cox told us on Friday.

When Cox couldn't get Best Buy to even come look at her television, she called us.

We couldn't get any results either...and we told you that on Friday.

Well after that broadcast both Ms. Cox and Seven-On-Your-Side heard from Best Buy corporate headquarters in Minneapolis.

Cox is expecting delivery of a new television on Friday. looks like a happy ending there.

But the same cannot yet be said for a lot of the tenants who have contacted us since we aired a story about the disparity between the rights of landlords and tenants in Arkansas.

One group that would like to improve things for tenants is the Landlords Association of Arkansas.

On Saturday, December 14th there will be a "Landlord Survival 101" seminar.

It will be held from 9:00 until noon at the Willie Hinton Resource Center in Little Rock.

Landlords who want to be both profitable and responsible should attend. You can visit to learn more.

Air date: November 25th, 2013